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Beam Vacuum Bags

Beam is a part of the Electrolux group which is a swedish company and the 2nd largest home appliance manufacturer in the world. 

Electrolux has been making vacuums and other home appliances since the early 1900s. Through the Beam brand, Electrolux has developed central vacuum systems for about 6 decades.

Central vacuuming works like central air conditioning or central heating, as the main part of the vacuum -- the vacuum tank itself as well as the dust collected -- are located in a set location (attic, attached garage, basement or utility room). Hoses run from the main vacuum to various rooms in the home through the walls and ending in outlets where the vacuum hose attaches, which allows the user to vacuum any room in the house.  Using the Beam central vacuuming system is easy. You simply carry the lightweight hose to the room you want to vacuum and hook it into the hose outlet. You then turn the hose on which starts the vacuum and clean like you normally would.

Some Central Vacuum systems utilize a drop-down Filter Bag that installs permanently and only needs to be replaced if it somehow tears. The weight is in the middle of the bag, which allows it to “shake itself off,” self-cleaning with the help of gravity when the unit is not in use. Beam Filter Bags that are designed as such include the 11-inch Filter Bags #110346 (11”) and #110369 (11”)

The 14” Beam Cleanstream HEPA Filtration bag (#110348) also utilizes the drop-down design and gives you HEPA Filtration, filtering dust at .3 microns and larger at 98% efficiency.

Some Beam Vacuums such as the On Board Vacuums 33s, 34, 35, 36, 36B and BM145 have paper bags that need to be changed periodically. These hygienic paper bags keep you from handling all the debris collected over months of regular vacuum use and help keep your air cleaner. Changing the bag on your central vacuum keeps suction performance running well and can increase the life of the vacuum. Be sure to change the vacuum bags whenever you notice a loss of power, after vacuuming extremely fine dust, if you notice any odors, or when the bag is clearly full. Other units using disposable bags include the ATLIS, the Mobile Maid, the Salon Vac, Boss units, Beam Marine, and Powerline.

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Beam Mobile Maid / On-Board Paper Vacuum Bags, 3 Pack + 1 Filter #110041
Price: $19.99
Beam Mobile Maid / On-Board  Paper Vacuum Bags, 3 Pack + 1 Filter #110041
Beam 3 Gallon Paper Vacuum Bags for Beam Mobile Maid and On-Board Vacuum Cleaner Systems.