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Lindhaus Vacuum Filters

Lindhaus vacuum systems are designed to let you, the user, select the level of filtration desired, up to HEPA filtration standards. Their innovative system allows for choice not only in the level of filtration, but also the type of contaminants you wish to target.  Interchangeable filter options allow you to customize your Lindhaus vacuum to your specific needs.  

Each Lindhaus vacuum comes packaged at the factory with a standard 3M® Filtrete Microfilter.  Hospitals use this same type of electrostatically charged filter to help keep biological contaminants under control. Independent laboratory IBR (USA) filtration efficiency tests have shown the Lindhaus sealed filtration system to be 99.06% efficient down to 0.5 microns when using the Microfilter or Carbon F filter.

Anyone desiring a higher level of filtration can step up filtration to an S-class HEPA filter. This filter removes particles as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. Ideal during allergy season or whenever removing more contaminants is desired. Target dustmites, pet dander, mold spores, and more with an S-class HEPA filter in your Lindhaus vacuum and achieve the highest level of filtration.

The Micron Carbon Filter combines activated carbon sandwiched between two layers of 3M® Filtrete material. The activated charcoal in this filter gives you the air-cleansing power to better control household odors while still providing excellent filtration on the same level as the standard filter. These vacuum filters are useful for those concerned with unpleasant household smells such as smoke, kitchen, and pet odors.