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Sharp Vacuum Filters

Regularly replacing the filters in your Sharp vacuum enhances your vacuum’s filtration and suction performance and can increase the life of the motor.  Depending on your model, there could be a “under the bag” secondary filter as well as an exhaust filter.

Replacing the Under the Bag Filters is recommended every 6 months with normal use, more frequently if your vacuum sees more action.

HEPA-level filtration is available for some models.  HEPA filtration is ideal of those who suffer from allergies, asthma or have other breathing concerns.  HEPA standards require filtration be 99.97% efficient down to 0.3 microns, ideal to trap microscopic particles such as pet dander, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and more.

MU-2 Filter:  “Under the Bag” secondary filter for Sharp Upright Vacuum.  Fits EC-12 and EC-14 series vacuums, 12TX8, 14TX6, 14TXT8 and any other Sharp vacuum that uses the MU-2 filter.

MU-3 Filter fits Sharp models OBT (on-board tools) and any Sharp upright vacuum that takes MU-3 filters

MU-4 Filter: “Under the Bag” filter for EC-TU 2607, 2609, 2709S, 4607, 4609 and all Sharp vacuum cleaners that take the MU-4 filter

MU-5 Filter: Helps remove allergens, fine dust particles, pet dander, and spores. One filter per package.Fits Big Wheel models EC-S2 and EC-T2 (including EC-S2620, EC-T2630, EC-T2640 and EC-T2650)

MU-8 Filter: fits Sharp vacuums: 4711, 2111, 5890, EC-TU4711S

HEPA filtration available for :  Late Model Sharp Uprights, Pure Power model Sharp vacuums.

MU-12 This foam filter replaces the primary foam filter in the vacuum. Fits Sharp models EC-S5170 and EC-S5180A. Sharp part # EC01MU12

MU-13 HEPA Exhaust Filter fits models EC-S2370, EC-T5180, EC-T5180A and EC-T5180B

MU-14 HEPA filtration from your Sharp model EC-S5170 vacuum

EC01 HU-2 Let your HEPA filter keep delivering clean results with this replacement cartridge. For models EC-U2607, EC-TU2609, EC-TU4607 and EC-TU4609.