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Tornado Vacuum Bags

Tornado manufactures vacuum bags in a variety of styles and forms to fit the various models in Tornado’s line of vacuums. Tornado’s offerings include their line of CleanBreeze disposable bags, standard paper collection bags, reusable cloth filter bags, and cloth outer bags.

Tornado’s CleanBreeze disposable microfiber filter bags offer an intricate web of randomly spun polymer fibers which make up the material used in the CleanBreeze disposable filter bag. This material captures significantly more particles and allergens than conventional paper bags, reducing dust emissions by up to 60 percent and improving indoor air quality. When used in conjunction with specific filters in certain Tornado vacuum models, CleanBreeze filter bags work to create part of a HEPA filtration system.

CleanBreeze Disposable microfiber filter vacuum bags are are part of the 3-Stage HEPA filtration of the CV 30 and CV 38 single motor upright vacuums, available in packs of 5 for the CV 30 and CV 38, part # K6904305. With CleanBreeze bags working together with the rest of the CV 30 and CV 38 filters and construction, the system provides true HEPA filtration, containing fine particles and dust down to 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency.  Alternately, for those not concerned with achieving HEPA filtration, an optional reusable cloth filter bag K6904301 can be purchased for the CV 30 and CV 38  instead, as well as optional standard paper collection bags in packs of 10 (K6904294) or 300 (K6904303).  

CleanBreeze Disposable microfiber filter vacuum bags are also available for use in the CK 14/1 Pro’s enclosed bag system, which offers three-stage HEPA filtration for improved indoor air quality. The Tornado CK 14/1 Pro’s slide-in design makes changing the collection bag much easier by reducing the risk of tearing with its easy slide-in design. The CleanBreeze vacuum bags model 90141 come as a 10 pack for CK 14/1 Pro vacuum. Optional standard paper collection bags model # 90147 also fit the CK 14/1 Pro vacuum model.

CleanBreeze Disposable microfiber filter bags model # 90008 fit the TV-2 vacuum, and come as a pack of 10. The optional Cloth Bag for the TV-2 vacuum is model # 90014. The TV2’s multi-stage filtration system incorporates the 3-layered fleece filter bags with its other filters to achieve maximum power filtration.

CleanBreeze Disposable microfiber filter bags are also part of the 3-stage filtration in the CV 38 & CV 48 Dual vacuum models, with the bag part # K6904305 and come as a package of 5 vacuum dust bags. Alternate bags for this model include the optional Cloth reusable filter bag # K6904301, Paper Collection Bag # K6904294, or the Paper Collection Bag # K6904303.

CleanBreeze Disposable microfiber top-loading filter bags are available for the CK LW 13/1 in a package of 6 with the model # D211-5500. The Outer Cloth Bag for the CK LW 13/1 can be found by model # D431-0600 and optional conventional paper collection bags (10pk) are model # 259PB.

Outer Cloth filter bags and disposable paper filter bags are part of the four-stage filtration of Tornado’s CK 3030 Wide Area vacuum. This combined filtration reduces and minimizes dust particles, allergens and other contaminants efficiently from the air. The disposable paper filter bag makes for clean and efficient disposal and replacement within the rotationally moulded housing, where it is encased within a durable, reusable cloth filter bag for additional filtration.  CK 3030 Wide Area Vacuum uses disposable paper filter bags # 90701 and outer cloth filter bag # 19816.

Tornado Pac Vac BackPack Vacuums use disposable paper filter bags, available in packs of 10, with different models available for the different BackPack vacuums: bag model # C352-2500 is for the PV-6 and bag model # B352-7800 is for the PV-10.

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Tornado CV30 / CV38 and NSS Pacer 112 / 115 Intercept Micro Vacuum Bags by ProTeam, 10 Bags #107267
Tornado CV30 / CV38 and NSS Pacer 112 / 115 Intercept Micro Vacuum Bags by ProTeam, 10 Bags #107267
ProTeam Genuine Intercept Micro Vacuum Bags for Tornado CV30 / CV38 and NSS Pacer 112 / 115 Upright Model Vacuums.