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VacuMaid Vacuum Bags

If you own a Vacu-Maid Central Vacuum system, it’s likely your vacuum is not a bagged model and does not require the use of cloth or paper filter bags. Vacu-Maid central vacuum systems operate using powerful cyclonic power and patented Air Channel technology that they developed, drawing debris into a dirt canister that needs to be emptied from time to time. The Air Channel system features a plastic can liner inside the dirt canister, protecting against a face-full of dust when emptying the can. This plastic liner makes emptying your central vacuum unit much easier and more hygienic.

Plastic Liners (call for availability): PB14MK 14” Plastic liners are available for the 14” dirt canisters on Vacu-Maid P350P, Vacu-Maid S2400, and Vacu-Maid Units with DC1240 14” dirt canister. PB4MK 12” Plastic liners are available for the 12” dirt canisters on Vacu-Maid P110, P125P, P225, P350P, S1600, S2000, S2400, S2600 S3240, and Vacu-Maid units with DC1200 12” dirt canister. Refer to your owner’s manual or vacuum specifications to help pick the right size liner.

Some Vacu-Maid vacuums do utilize filter bags:

For Vacu-Maid AstroVac models SR36C, SR36, SR50, SR52, H-1P, P70, SR36, SR38, P80, H2, P73, P75, MK-IP, MK-XXIIIBP, as well as Vacu-Maid GV30 & GV50 models, a few options are available (HPB2H and HPB1, with 7-gallon capacity):

Vacu-Maid Disposable synthetic filter bags.  This non-woven, cloth-like filter bag provides superior airflow and dust retention on the sub-micron level.  They can hold much more debris than a standard paper bag of the same size, and maintain airflow power more efficiently as well.  These bags feature a pleated design to hold up to 12 gallon, with measurements of approximately 10” W x 28.5” H, with a 2.2” intake and sealing gasket.  A self-adhesive closure at the collar assists for more sanitary disposal.

Vacu-Maid 2 Layer Paper Bags. These disposable paper bags include an electrostatic barrier micro-liner and offer 98.4% dust retention within the bag.

Vacu-Maid 5-layer HEPA style filtration bags. These HEPA filtration quality provide optimal filtration of fine particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores.  These 7 gallon bags retain debris at 99.98% efficiency and are ideal for households with allergy suffers.

For Vacu-Maid RV100 and GV5D models, Vacu-Maid PB2 paper filtration bags are available.

Often times with older vacuum styles, the manufacturer no longer makes the original style bag. For such cases, a few companies have made available “generic” replacement bags.  These bags, although not original name brand, are manufactured to high standards, meeting or usually exceeding the original specifications. Be assured that in the cases where original bags are no longer available, we work hard to find the “next best” bag available, which is assuredly as good as and more often even better than the original dust bag.